Generic Rendering Configuration

  • Adjustable Height, Width, (Unlockable or Specified) Frame Rate, VSync, and Title.
  • 2D and 3D Rendering.
  • 3D Rendering Configuration

    • Orthographic and Perspective Views.
    • Dynamic Lighting (via Shadow Mapping).
    • Rendering via Customizable Cells.
    • Adjustable Camera Distance, Field of View, Render Distance, and Rotations.
    • Adjustable Color/Distance Fog.

Image/Sprite Standards

  • Support for .PNG, .JPG, .BMP Standards.
  • 1, 2, 4, and 8 Direction Sprites Supported.
  • Adjustable Frame Count and Pattern for Sprites.
    • Pattern from Start to End of Region.
    • Pattern Centered around Frames.
  • Color Mask and Hue-Shift Supported.

Visual Transitions

  • Fade In/Out, Horizontal Shutter In/Out, Vertical Shutter In/Out
  • Each Transition Customizable via Colors, etc.
  • More to Come!

General Configuration

  • Adjustable Buzzer, Cancel, Confirmation, Cursor, and Menu Sound Effects.
  • Cooldown for Different Key Inputs.
  • Adjustable Icon Source, Dimensions.
  • Adjustable Menu.

Title Screen

  • Adjustable Color and Music.
  • Adjustable Menu.
  • Ability to Skip Title (Immediately Goes to New Game Setup).

Virtual Key Configuration

  • Controls/Input Tied to Virtual Keys and Commands.
  • Configuration via Keyboard Supported.
  • More to Come!

Global Scripts

  • Global Scripts and Script Callback Supported.


  • Adjustable Statistics and Types.
    • Core – Basic Statistic.
    • Rank – Statistic for Tracking Level, etc.
    • Growth – Statistic for Tracking Experience, etc.
    • Store – Statistic for Tracking HP, MP, etc.
  • Custom Formulas Supported.

Skills and Skill Types

  • Supports Skill Grouping on Skill Type (for User Interfaces).
  • Adjustable Name, Skill Type, Icons, Sound Effects, Statistics/Traits
    • Skills can Adjust per Rank/Growth. 

Character, Battler, and Portrait Animations

  • Adjustable Character and Portrait Animations.
    • Repeatable/Standardized Offsets for Animations in Images.
  • Support for Sprite Layers.


  • Supports Animation Frames.
    • Individual Graphic Frames.
  • Supports Particle Emitters.
  • Supports Target Effects.
    • Color Mask, Flash, and Screen Target.

User Interfaces

  • Supports Custom User Interfaces.
  • Supports Menu, Message Box, and Overlay Types.
  • Supports List, Pane, Picture, Templated List, Text Elements.
  • Supports Context/Binding to Data.
  • Supports Font Families of .OTF and .TTF types.

 (More Pending Documentation)