RPG Architect

Dream Create Play

Unleash Your Game Development Creativity with RPG Architect

No Limitations, No Boundaries

Customize Every Aspect of Your Game

RPG Architect empowers you to change everything about your game. From user interfaces to battle systems, character stats to inventory systems – the power is in your hands.

Break Free from Numeric Constraints

Design Your World Without Boundaries

With RPG Architect, there are no arbitrary limitations. Create as many map layers, equipment variations, and characters as you desire. Your imagination is the only limit.

Create Immersive Worlds in Any Dimension

Your Vision, Your Choice:
2D or 3D

Whether you prefer the classic charm of 2D games or the immersive depth of 3D worlds, RPG Architect supports both. Dive into your game development journey with the dimension that suits your vision.

The Goal of RPG Architect is Three-Fold

Design without limits

Enable architects to engage in unrestricted design, free from any constraints or limitations. This entails providing them with the creative freedom to conceptualize and implement their ideas without being bound by predefined rules or restrictions.

Customize everything in your game

Empower architects with the ability to modify and craft virtually every aspect of their game. This includes providing them with the tools and flexibility to make alterations, adjustments, and enhancements to the game’s architecture, mechanics, aesthetics, and overall design.

Evolve with our community

Continuously evolve and expand alongside the community throughout the entire lifespan of the product. This involves fostering a dynamic and responsive relationship with the community, actively seeking and incorporating feedback, suggestions, and ideas from players, developers, and enthusiasts alike.

Constant Innovation, Community-Driven Development

Growing with You, Every Step of the Way

RPG Architect doesn’t have an end state, only a start. We continuously evolve, fixing bugs, adding features, and responding to community requests. When you support RPG Architect, you support a product that grows with you.

Cross-Platform Development Made Easy

Reach Every Gamer, Everywhere

RPG Architect is designed for accessibility. Our Editor runs on Windows, with plans for MacOS and Linux. The Engine, powered by cross-platform C# and FNA, aims to run on all major gaming consoles and mobile platforms.

Friendly for Novices, Powerful for Veterans

Start Your Game Development Journey with Ease

Whether you’re new to game development or a seasoned veteran, RPG Architect is designed for you. Experience the ease of use for beginners and the limitless potential for veterans.

Create and Distribute Without Licensing Hassles

One-Time Purchase, Endless Possibilities

Purchase RPG Architect once and unleash your game on all major PC platforms without any additional licensing costs. For consoles, contact us for specific fees and support. Focus on creating, not on licensing hurdles.

Craft Worlds Beyond Imagination, Seamlessly

Elevate Your Game Development Experience