What is RPG Architect?

RPG Architect is a next-generation hobbyist game maker that can build a 2D or 3D world, with all of the limitations removed.

The goal of RPG Architect is three-fold:

  • Allow architects to change and design nearly everything about their game.
  • Allow architects to design without limitations.
  • Constantly evolve and grow with the community for the duration of the product’s lifetime.

Change Everything

RPG Architect is designed to remove application limitations.  If you don’t like a user interface, change it.  Customize the battle system.  Adjust character statistics.  Create your own inventory systems.

Design Without Limitations

One of the guiding principles of RPG Architect is to remove limitations.  As such, there are no arbitrary numeric limitations on the number of map layers, equipment, characters, and so forth.

You’re the architect.  Start designing without limitations!

2D or 3D

  • RPG Architect supports both 2D and 3D games.
  • Eventual support for 3D models is planned.


RPG Architect has no “end state” in mind, only a “start.”  In addition to constantly fixing bugs, RPG Architect will continue to grow and add features requested by the community.

When you support RPG Architect, you’re supporting the entire community and advancement to other platforms.

Multiple Platforms

RPG Architect (Editor) is written in cross-platform C# and AvaloniaUI.  It presently runs on Windows, but has experimental support for MacOS and Linux.

RPG Architect (Engine) is written in cross-platform C# and FNA, which runs everywhere the Editor does, with a goal to eventually run on all major gaming consoles and mobile platforms.

RPG Architect is presently in Steam Early Access and is not yet complete.  Please allow for us to solidify builds.  We will achieve support and deployment for the expressed platforms.

Easy For Beginners
Nearly Limitless For Veterans

Whether you’re a veteran hobbyist game developer or just starting, RPG Architect is designed with you in mind.

Actual game engine renderings are shown inside the editor, to give an accurate depiction of what you are designing, as you design it.

Extensibility has been the goal from the ground up.  Using dependency injection and the concept of Cores, you’ll be able to override or extend your game as much as you like.


Buy RPG Architect once and distribute your game on all major PC platforms, without any licensing costs paid to us.

Due to the moving target of consoles, an undetermined fee will be required for publishing/building for each, due to specific recompilation/repackaging for the platform.  For inquiries, please contact us.

Fees/cuts to your distributor/store of choice still remain.