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RPG Architect was built after a growing frustration of seeing other tools not evolve for literal decades.  Frustrations were further reinforced by the tools failing to adapt to community feedback and releasing products that received no further updates, beyond bug-fixes.

A guiding principle of RPG Architect became that the community should shape the product, not the other way around.  RPG Architect was further designed to remove nearly all arbitrary limitations and collaborate with the community to grow as a product.  We hope that RPG Architect will be the last engine you’ll ever need or want to use, be it at commercial release or five years after.

Our Team

Meet the passionate minds behind RPG Architect.

Our small, dedicated team comprises veterans in the hobbyist game-making scene, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table:


Programmer, Architect

Locke has been programming for more than two decades.  RPG Architect started when he was disappointed that the engines he had used before hadn’t really evolved.  An avid RPG fan, he will talk your ear off about Xenogears, Xenoblade Chronicles, and anything related to MonolithSoft.

“You’re holding it wrong.”

Texas, United States


Pixel Artist, Art Director

Jason has been dabbling in art his entire life.  He joined the team before early access and has been instrumental in helping define the art direction of RPG Architect.  Any home-grown pixel art assets shipping with RPG Architect are likely drawn by him.

“I like saying no.  It lowers their enthusiasm.”

???, United States

Bit By Bit Sound

Musician, Tutorial Author, Social Media

Bert is one of the few practitioners in the world to be capable of performing with three guitars (三ギター術) at once.  He owns more guitars than kids and cats combined.  Bert joined the team, as a long-time peer of Locke, and graciously stepped up to fill the hole in audio-visual necessities.

“That’s how we do it in the South, y’all!”

Georgia, United States


Sample Projects

Mondune’s journey in game development began in childhood, where he delved into ZZT before progressing to early versions of RPG Maker. His enthusiasm for the craft led him to explore RPG Architect during its early access phase, where he was invited to join the team.  He crafts the sample projects bundled with the engine.

“Locke, I found another bug!”

Kansas, United States


Community Organizer and Engagement

Tolin has been with RPG Architect since it was a proof of concept that barely ran on Locke’s computer, acting as a sounding board.  He has contributed several of the icons and visuals associated within the app and community.  Outside of RPG Architect, he is a famous movie star active in his local theater company as a singer and actor.

“Working as intended, right?”

Utah, United States


Final Boss Blues has graciously contributed curated Time Fantasy and OpenRTP resources to be distributed with RPG Architect.  In addition, he has provided feedback that has helped shaped RPG Architect, notably in the User Interface designer.

Our Projects

We are constantly building new samples and templates! 

Be on the lookout for what comes next.

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