About us

RPG Architect was built after a growing frustration of seeing other tools not evolve in decades, failing to adapt to community feedback, and releasing a “finished” product that doesn’t receive much in terms of updates.

The community should shape the product, not the other way around.  As such, one of the guiding principles of RPG Architect is to remove nearly all arbitrary limitations and collaborate with the community to grow as a product.  RPG Architect should be the last engine you’ll ever need or want to use, be it at commercial release or five years after.


Our team is composed of an extremely small number of veterans in the hobbyist RPG making scene.

Locke – Project Lead, Programmer
Jason Martin – Pixel Artist
Bert Cole – Musician, Tutorial Author, Social Media – https://www.bitbybitsound.com/
Mondune – Sample Projects
Tolin – Community Organizer and Engagement


A big thank you to the following collaborators who have kindly donated resources for use in the sample templates/projects, and who will be releasing exclusive DLC at release.

Final Boss Blues – Pixel Artist – https://www.finalbossblues.com/