Introducing… Chat RPGA

While RPG Architect is still in Early Access and evolving rapidly, we are always looking toward the future and what is next. As such, concurrent with RPG Architect’s development, we are very proud to announce Chat RPGA.

Chat RPGA is aimed at helping those too helpless to make their own game. Gone are the days of needing to create a story, graphics, music, and anything else — instead, you can ask Chat RPGA to make your entire game for you. For example, when fed the following prompt, Chat RPGA generated a brand new AAA game in less than thirty seconds:

…and just like that, it spits out the game already built…

Since ChatRPGA will be coming out sometime during the planned ten-year cycle for RPG Architect, it will be targeting next generation platforms by anticipating what they will be. Please note that you won’t be able to run these on your current PC, as they require the next generation hardware. In addition, ChatRPGA is able to create a “retro” downgrade of your generated game that is compatible with DOS.

We are very excited to announce this new technology and hope you’ll look forward to our updates on it, which will come out roughly a year from now.